“…slick sound, crisp, world class playing and competent improvisation. It is quite evocative in the sense that the harmonic structures being used are instantly recognizable.” Blue Railroad

Artistically beautiful yet darkly tantalizing, they manage to evoke a contemporary spectacle through romanticized passages from a global past.” Maximum Ink

“Into the Shadow Garden is filled with subtle tinges – an array of influences that combine to make sultry and vibrant sounds. [The album] transports listeners to a different time and place in its history-sensitive compositions.” Alarm

“This is music to recreate your world by–made today, but enlightened by a deep sensitivity to the ancient past.” World Dance New York

“Violin strains, vocals, cello, bass, and drums merge into a heady, passionate performance whispering of hidden treasures and secret nights. A liquid blend of modern flair and classical elegance, Into the Shadow Garden is highly recommended.” Midwest Book Review

“I heard a minute or two of what turned out to be Copal between segments on NPR recently. As the company does not identify artists aired between segments I engaged in a little research on their webpage and Copal was identified. I was drawn to the music largely due to the somewhat haunting middle-eastern influence of the segment that was aired.” Cogburn (fan)

“…it [Roots - Into the Shadow Garden] reminds of an appalachian Erik Satie (high praise from me, I love Satie).” Crisanti (fan)

“Copal’s latest release is an engaging and captivating experience, carrying the listener blissfully through complex and diverse musical landscapes. Each member contributes remarkable skill and unique musical personality. The end result is a beautiful addictive sound…” Snow Emergency (fan)