Happy Spring!

What? Spring already in March? I (Hannah) just returned from performing at SXSW in Austin, TX. The weather was actually warmer in NYC when I got back… strange times. What a fun festival. Hoping to bring Copal down next year! Winter–or spring as it were, is a great time for development–we are currently working on new music, a new stage show, new visuals, etc. Looking forward to some great shows this year, to be announced soon… WE HEART YOU!!

On the Up…

Yes, that’s right. On the up. We emerged from 2010 with a new album in hand “Into the Shadow Garden“, and performed our hearts out in NYC, Boston, Northampton, and Providence. We received a bit of NPR radio love in a few choice cities: NYC, Minneapolis, Boston. Also, just got word that Ce├║tara from the album is being featured on Continental Airlines world music radio station in-flight… Tempting, I do want to fly continental just to experience that. We’re visiting more cities this year. Our goal for 2011 is to hit the road as much as possible. Not literally. Silly. Anyway, looking forward to bringing you more exciting music, stories, musings, secret whisperings and passwords, and oh so many more lovely things.